Galerie Arista

Sacha Sosno was born in 1937 in Marseille. In Nice, he meets the painter Henri Matisse in 1948 then Yves Klein and Arman in 1956. Studies in Paris in 1958 (sciences po, Oriental languages). Return to Nice in 1961: creates the Journal South disclosure where he published the first theory of the School of Nice. The concept of cancellation ("hide in order to show more") is directly inspired by his work as a photographer. Also participates in the sociological art in Paris with Fred Forest.

In the 1980s : Artistic Advisor in fashion, personal exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Jules Chéret in Nice, first exhibition in the USA at the Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield (Connecticut), he is getting orders for his art work for the galerie Beaubourg in Paris, first collaboration with the Gallery Marisa del Re in New York. In 1980 with Jacques Lepage in Nice he meets the avant-garde artist Vittorio Del Piano author of Taranto (Italy) project Museo della Sensibilità Mediterranea e della Città dell'Arte-Pura:  contemporary art theory. Between 1986 and 1988: sculpture projects  in relationship with architecture, including the two monumental bronzes of the  Elysee Palace hotel in Nice with the architect George Marguarita. Various architectural projects and international exhibitions (United States, Japan, Korea, Canada, Greece, adjoining workshop in Monaco).

2000-2002: realisation of the "Square Head", which is the first sculpture inhabited in the world inside which the offices of the Central Library of Nice Louis Nucéra are located (architects: Yves Bayard and Francis Chapus).