Galerie Arista

PIERRE RIBA...The primitive charm of modernity

Reliefs, sculptures

Towards the essential

Riba, his family from Ardèche used to cultivate the silk worm following the rythm of the cocoon's creation, he has the identity of the peasants from Ardèche - slow men who need time to say things...with a little, with simplicity. He moves between serenity of the origins and the destructions of life.

In his work, the material is not only a means serving a thought, it also takes part in the creation of the idea...the work has sometimes a rough aspect - almost primitive - sometimes it is more sophisticated.

Riba likes a work when it is well made, the final work both free and controled in every detail. "I like simple and purified forms, I tend to liberate  my work from the useless and its heaviness."

He is interested in works mainly monochrome, in minimalism, in African Art, in Cycladic Art, in neolithic Art or in Brancusi...

"I want to aim at the essential and blossom in sobriety in the simplification of forms. Primitive works of Art rather than Classical ones fascinate me. In all my works there are images coming from far away but they are however from our times - my works don't loose their identity between imaginary and reality, between the hoped serenity and the tearing.

The vivacity of life - love and breakage

I belong to those thoughtful men who need time to say and make things..."

He is a creator of Contemporary Art working with a technique that he masters admirably serving an inventive language through its geometrical forms and tribal reminiscences.

The geometrical and organic forms he imposes, create a Fine Art space both powerful and soft, baroque and sensitive born from the ennoblement of ribbed cardboard, ordinary material becoming immanent impetus of the artistic act.