Galerie Arista

"To make is so complicated that one cannot prevent oneself from making ugly; those who imitate what you made, they do not have to seek to make, they can make pretty; thus, everyone can like what I do, when it is the others who do it." - Pablo Picasso

Is it important to re-trace several aspects of his youth and to mention that, along with Braque, he invented Cubism, that he participated in surrealist exhibitions (without joining the movement), that he joined the Communist Party after the Liberation; that he went to live in the South of France and that he had an insatiable appetite for developing new avenues and for exploring others already half developed ?

Should we talk about the successive periods of his art and write about “Les demoiselles d'Avignon” (one of the turning points in 20th century art), the etcher of genius, the sculptor or the ceramicist, the dove of peace or “Guernica”? We think it unlikely that in twenty or so lines we could give our visitors a worthwhile or useful biography of Pablo Picasso (Malaga, Spain 1881 – Mougins, France, 1973) whose life and artistic career was so exceptionally rich.