Galerie Arista

Marc Piano was born August 8th, 1964 in Cannes. Since 11 years old, he discovered ceramics in Vallauris, spending his school holidays in workshops, especially Pascali’s one, where the  creations of Jean Marais were manufactured.

Located in the pottery village of Salins in the Doubs, he specializes in the production of large items at the request of several local potters.

Marc Piano is involved in the design of a line of ceramic lamps for Jacques Tonge.

And it is towards a creation of sculptures, ceramics, he turned, in a step outside visual artist profiles, or affiliation with any art movement, while claiming a special sensitivity for Germaine Richier's creations, Antonin Artaud's philosophy and the Surrealist movement. His openness and availability to the local contemporary artists led him to the realization of joint creations with artists such as Patrick Bocca Rossa Baldacchino Philippe Renaud Lembo, John Salvatore Parisi, Bernard Alligand Jürgen Waller and Olivier Roy. Sculptures of archaic type, ancestral, works of Marc Piano evolve into an art totem type, through a dark and fabulous bestiary.

Heir of "New Figuration" and of artists such as Combas, Marc Piano tirelessly pursues his work of "writing stories" using bits of earth in a process substantially Picassian .