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Joseph Fernand Henri Leger was born in 1881 in Argentan, France and died in 1955. He apprentices with an architect from 1897–1899.

Fernand Leger moves to Paris in 1900. The Cezanne retrospective, in 1906, will impress him durably.

In 1908 he moves to Ruche; here he meets Chagall, Delaunay, Cendrars, Appolinaire, Modigliani. In the following year he begins his cubist period. His work interestes Daniel-Henry Kahnvwiller who has already exhibited Picasso and Braque. Leger participates in several collective exhibitions (Salon des Independants, Salon d’Automne, Salon de la Section d’Or, etc.). He signs an exclusivity contract for 3 years with Kahnweiller in 1913, and participates in the Armory Show in New York.

He illustrates Cendrars (« The End of the World filmed by Ange Notre-Dame »), and he marries. Leger works a lot, he meets Le Corbusier, discovers Mondrian and Van Doesburg, again illustrates Yvan Goll and Malraux, collaborates with Cendrars in the film « The Wheel » by Abel Gance, designs theatre sets and costumes, and gives conferences.

In 1924, with Amédée Ozenfant, he founds the Modern Academy. He paints a large mural for the french embassy at the time of the International Decorative Arts Exhibition and participates in the decoration of the pavillion of « the New Spirit » by Le Corbusier.

In 1935 a retrospective of his work is organized in New York.