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Klasen organizes his objects as a real symbolic code, where the universal disease of the individual in the industrial city is seen as evidence. Alain Jouffroy

"My painting is linked to the urban environment in which we live, and must be understood as a refusal, and seen as a denunciation."

Peter Klasen was born in Lubeck Germany in 1935. From childhood he showed a talent for drawing and painting. He studies at the School of Fine Arts in Berlin from 1956-1959. He becomes friends with Bazelitz. He moves to Paris at the beginning of the 60’s. Peter Klasen quickly becomes one of the most well-known artists of the New Figuration movement or Figuration Narrative with Adami, Erro, etc, of which he is the founder. A new figurative wave looking to put a sense of value in representation.

Klasen thus elaborates into a personal plastic language; the artist explores and reinterprets signs of our urban environment and more generally, our society. He is passionate about images that are constantly put forward by the mass media, and denounces, by pictorial metaphors, the uniformity of the context of western life.

Klasen produces his works of paint on linen canvases, on iron, on sheet metal and on wood. He attains the interest of the public and his works are viewed on gallery walls of international museums and important galleries in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the United States, etc.