Galerie Arista

Ladislas Kijno is a French painter, born in Warsow in 1921

On the Croisette in Cannes, La Malmaison has opened its doors to Kijno for an exhibition which started in november 2011 until April 2012.

Kijno defines himself as "a monk artist" "a metaphysics trader", he is above all a mystic who initially chose to be a seminarian before embarking on the road of art as a radical ascetic.

Today, being over 90 years old, Kijno still paints, and like Molière he wishes he will die in the middle of his creativity.

Spirituality in action

Among his works and accomplishments, some are already in the archives of the past. His crumpled papers on which the paint appears as a sculpture of shade and light. His spray paints. His endorsements for the headlines of his time ( Nelson Mandela, the wars of Algeria and Vietnam), his art is a unique portrayal of his faith in man, seen through the soul of a painter.