Galerie Arista


logo_arista_smallHayat admits that he is more interested in manipulating reality and in his«imagined» images. A real visual consumer, he photographs, downloads, touches up, refits... to sum up he sets the scene. Playing with superimpositions and gaps he confronts the past with the present, beauty with horror, indifference with fanaticism, reality with imaginary. He tries to conceive, while questioning the relations art / politics / media, critical works of art reflecting a plastic attraction for media culture, cinema and advertisement. Thanks to technological progress (internet, digital, prints on plexiglas), he tries to elaborate a kind of statement of our history, of our society what they have conceived, transformed, destroyed. It is important to him to bear in mind that when a work of art confronts us with the world, it is so much to question as to provoke a smile or to create unease. It is then that it escapes the common place.