Japanese painter, educated in fine art in Tokyo and in Paris, “Morio Matsui is the only living artist on both continents who succeeded the fusion of his Japanese tradition and European pictorial culture. He has realised the art of the line and the expression of the essential.” (Michel D’Hauberville de Bernheim Jeune)

His art consists of a multitude of repetitive signs, his writing. He is the master of big formats, reputed for his canvas up to 20 meters long.

“With Matsui you have to let yourself be caught and won, even in a big canvas… like Pollock’s paintings it’s like all over because it really covers the whole canvas. We are out of abstract expressionism of all our categories, not only because there are lines that look like calligraphy, but also all the architecture is made to invade us little by little…”  Pierre Daix words gathered from Morio Matsui’s exhibition at Bernheim Jeune in 2007 film by André Waksman.

Matsui is considered in Asia like one of the most prestigious and “bankable” signatures of the Asian Art market. In 2008 after having exhibited in the Chanel Square in Ginza Tokyo one of the most prestigious addresses of the planet, his artwork has been presented at Artfair Shanghai and at the Fine Art Museum of Shanghai. He has recently finished an exhibition with the greatest masters of Japanese Art in Hong Kong including Murakami and Kusama. The city of Nagasaki has offered him the stained glass windows of its churches and he has realised figurative paintings evoking the martyrdom of the first Japanese Christians.
An exhibition will take place this year in one of the most prestigious museums of  Moscow and we are expecting confirmation of the dates for the retrospective in one of our great museums in Paris.