Galerie Arista


Born in Kiev. She owes her first artistic emotions to the frescos and admirable mosaics of cathedrals, churches and ancient monasteries. Her first masters have been Sainte-Sophie’s frescos that she copied while she was studying at the Fine Arts School.
After having been admitted  to the Painting and Architecture Institute near Saint Petersbourg, Irina Makarova explored the Ermitage that she considers before all like her master. That’s where an entirely new world was revealed to Irina Makarova : the world of Post-Impressionist paintings.

The “third floor of the Ermitage” was for the Fine Arts students what they were aspiring to, the object of their greatest admiration.

It’s on the “Third floor” that the gods lived : CEZANNE, MATISSE, PICASSO.

Those two art movements, extremely powerful that are ancient Russian art and French Post-Impressionism, so much as M. Roublev’s murals remain up to today the reference points of Irina Makarova. She started very early to exhibit her works in the beginning of the seventies.

Her paintings are spread in twenty four museums of Russia and Ukraine as well as in many collections abroad including : the Art Museums of Odessa, Toronto and in Paris in the Basmadjian collection.