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logo_arista_smallSelf taught French artist, painter and sculptor. He walked in Picasso’s home on a special invitation, from then he stayed 10 years assisting him. Appointed artistic adviser of the city of Antibes and also assistant to the curator of Antibes’ Picasso Museum ; Dor de la Souchère, between 1975 and 1981.
He was also Jacqueline’s protégé, who entrusted him with Picasso’s etching tools. Friend of Hartung, of César, Mathieu, he will exhibit them as the temporary curator of the Picasso Museum.
He has dressed the women of the Côte d’Azur with metal, as the fashion designer who created the«lunar» fashion and has multiplied stage settings for summer festivals, amongst which the background scenery for the Jazz Festival in Juan les Pins and has runned happenings.«With stone or paper, with iron or steel my friend Gianangelli, golden hands magician, makes outstanding constructions burst out» : André Brasilier.