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“Silence reigns in the paintings of Dmitrienko, where nothing is entirely revealed and each appearance hides mysterious secrets.” Douglas Cooper

Pierre Dmitrienko is born in Paris in 1925 from a Russian father and a Greek mother. He studies architecture at the Fine Arts of Paris (Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris). He begins painting in 1944 (marine, portraits and landscapes) and befriends young painters (François Arnal, Serge Rezvani).

In his first period of creation, the young artist is under some influences of  Albert Gleizes, and through him of Cubism. He discovers Paul Klee. Over time, he participates in many group exhibitions, his real debut starts from 1948, when he belongs to the group « Mains éblouies » (“Dazzled Hands”) at the Maeght Gallery (Rezvani, Jacques Lanzmann, Raymond Mason, Baudiniere, Signovert, Thompson), group composed by most young abstract painters of Paris.

In 1960, Dmitrienko acquires a press to print from which emerges over two hundred works. He startes carving in 1965.

In his final period (from 1962), the artist, coming from an absolute lyricism, engages his art to an extreme austerity. With this last period, Dmitrienko has "expressed a duty to show his horror towards the atrocities of a world, in all its aspects, he personally wished it happy," writes Jacques Busse.

Pierre Dmitrienko passes away in 1974; he is only 50 years.